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Accomplish your dreams. We can advise you on how to get in the Financial Sector. Through our Three Distinct Packages (Spring Insight Week, Summer Internship, Graduate Job), you can find guidance on three different routes. For each route, we explain in detail, the process that you must follow, like the CV, the Cover Letter, Aptitude Tests and Interviews. 

Spring Insight Week

It involves work shadowing, workshops and interactive skills sessions to give you an insight into a career in the financial world.

Summer Internship

A very good opportunity to get work experience during your summer holiday period, developing industry contacts and making new friends.

Graduate Job

Are you leaving university this year and thinking of what is next? Why don’t you try a graduate job?


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£ 3.99


£ 4.99


Are you someone interested in working in the Financial Sector? Would you like to work in an Accounting / Actuarial / Insurance Firm, or in Retail / Investment Banking? Are you wondering about the process to follow? Stop wasting your time and get straight to the point, with proven, guaranteed results, through our Guidance Packages on Spring Insight Week, Summer Internship and Graduate Job. Get your appropriate package and save the countless hours on the research needed. We have already done them for you. We have analysed in great detail the process of recruitment. We make sure that you know how to produce a proper CV or a Cover Letter. We explain what an Aptitude Test is and what answers companies expect to see. Finally, we prepare you for the whole Interview process. We give you questions, tips, body language and attitude guidance, and every single detail you should be aware of to guarantee your position. We make sure you are the best you can be. Follow your dreams today. 


“Everything summed up in one package. It saved me so much time of searching around.

“The summer internship package is really helpful! I did weeks of research and was still confused on the whole process and how it all works. Downloading the package really cleared things up and helped me get the internship in the end! It was worth every cent of the price.”

“The Graduate Job package saved me hours of searching. Well organised and very well explained. You guys give advices that I would have never thought.”